Rail&Fly: the airport transfer service

This website and the information it contains are designed to help you select and book Rail&Fly. The information focus purely on this specific offering, which can be booked together with an international flight from an airline. If you are booking Rail&Fly as part of an all-inclusive travel package from a tour operator, please contact the company in question.


Rail&Fly: an overview

  • Rail&Fly lets travellers use Deutsche Bahn’s trains as a flexible, hassle-free way of travelling between their selected railway station and the airport that they will depart from or arrive at. The offering covers all German airports in addition to Amsterdam and Zürich.
  • Rail&Fly documents to the airport are valid at the day of flight departure and the day before. Rail&Fly documents from the airport are valid at the day of arrival and the day after.
  • Valid on all DB trains (excluding special trains).
  • Rail&Fly can only be booked in combination with an international flight.
  • The airline in question sets the prices and conditions. In some cases, rail travel is free of charge because it is part of the flight ticket price.



  • Booking Rail&Fly
    • Many airlines do not accept e-tickets with open segments, so placeholder connections to/from QYG ("Railway Germany”) are added for carrier code 9B ("AccesRail”) in the GDS. 
    • Call up the connection plus Rail&Fly segment, and enter the departure airport (e.g. AN 15AUGQYGMCY/XFRA).
    • The code QYG represents all DB stations, so make sure that the connections to/from QYG that you use are not featured in any existing timetable.
    • Travellers can use DB’s timetables to check departure times. The information is available from travel agencies and DB Travel Centres, as well as in the DB Navigator app and on the > bahn.de website.
    • Following the booking process, two links are added to the reservation via SSR messages: > check-in.accesrail.com for accessing the Rail&Fly Boarding Pass online, and > www.bahn.de/railandfly for accessing traveller information.
    • To ensure that the Rail&Fly Boarding Pass can be collected, it is essential that the traveller gets the information from the SSR messages. Please also tell them that they must print out their Boarding Pass or save it on their smartphone as a mobile ticket before catching the train.



    • A Rail&Fly Boarding Pass is activated only when an electronic ticket is issued with a Rail&Fly segment or segments using the airline’s ticket stock.
    • As children younger than 6 years old do not need tickets of their own on Deutsche Bahn’s trains, their flight ticket does not have to include Rail&Fly segments. 

  • What documents do travellers need for their rail journeys?

    Travellers need the following for their Rail&Fly train trips:

    • Rail&Fly Boarding Pass: printout or mobile ticket
    • Flight itinerary/itinerary receipt
    • Valid passport/government-issued ID card


    A Rail&Fly Boarding Pass can be accessed max. 72 hours before a given rail journey.



  • Where and how can travellers call up the Rail&Fly Boarding Pass?

    Travellers can use their name and either their ticket number or PNR locator to log intowww.rail-checkin.com in order to print out their Rail&Fly Boarding Pass or download it to their phone as a mobile ticket.


    If a traveller loses their Rail&Fly document, they can simply print it out or download it again.


  • What guidelines apply when changing bookings or routes?

    If nobody has called up the Rail&Fly Boarding Pass online, you can simply change the Rail&Fly segments without any complications. 


    Please note:

    If, for example, a re-routing makes a re-issue necessary, you must also re-issue the Rail&Fly segments. In the case of a "simple" rebooking, the Rail&Fly segments must be revalidated in any case, so that the booked and issued tickets can be systematically compared.


    If someone has called up the Boarding Pass, then you need to contact the airline in question. The airline will check if it is possible to permit a rebooking for the Rail&Fly segment.


    Rebookings and re-issues in DB Travel Centres are not possible.

  • Where and how can Rail&Fly documents be refunded?

    Rail&Fly is a service that airlines offer their passengers. As a result, Rail&Fly prices vary from airline to airline, as do the terms and conditions for changing or cancelling bookings. Any application for a refund must be forwarded to the airline in question. Further information is available from each airline.

  • What happens if a traveller cannot present a Boarding Pass?

    If a traveller cannot present their Rail&Fly Boarding Pass on the train, they must provide something that identifies them as a Rail&Fly passenger. The train attendant will issue a subsequent fare collection, and the traveller then has 14 days to prove that they were entitled to use the train.

    This entails contacting the subsequent fare collection office via the chat function. The traveller can then provide DB with their ticket number and their name exactly as it is displayed on the airline ticket.

    If DB is unable to retrieve a Rail&Fly Boarding Pass, the traveller will be asked to contact the airline.


    If the traveller produces timely evidence that they had a Rail&Fly booking, DB reduces the fare penalty to EUR 7. If the traveller fails to produce evidence that they had a Rail&Fly booking, they have to pay the price of a normal train ticket plus the penalty fare.

  • What happens if a train is delayed? What is the situation regarding passenger rights?

    Any travellers seeking a refund due to delayed or cancelled trains can contact DB’s Passenger Rights Service Centre directly. Details are available here > passenger rights.

  • Who can I contact if I experience technical problems?

    Unfortunately, DB cannot provide support for Rail&Fly as it is a service offered by airlines, and tickets must be booked using reservation systems for air travel. Please contact the airline in question if you have questions or notice irregularities.


    If you encounter technical problems with Rail&Fly segments, please contact AccesRail:

    email:          info@accesrail.com

    telephone:   +1 514-733-4962


    Please be aware that queries submitted in other languages besides English may take longer to process.