Travel agency outside of Germany
There are three options for served sales as a travel agency:

  1. The DB RailClient is an online booking tool covering DB’s most relevant products (i.e. tariffs) and provides e-tickets that can be sent to the customer by email. There is neither a minimum turnover expected nor a security bond needed. Simply register here and start selling right away:
  2. As a DB Agent you will have access to the full portfolio of the DB booking system.

    A few conditions must be met in order to become an accredited agent:
    The use of a licensed GDS. Currently these are Amadeus Bahn, Galileo Railmaster and Sabre Rail
    We expect a minimum turnover of €25,000.00 p.a. (DB services)
    A security bond to the value of 8% of the projected annual turnover (at least €10,000.00). The bond can be placed as a cash payment or in the form of a bank guarantee.
    You agree to participate in SEPA direct debit (within the SEPA payment area)
  3. As a IATA agency you can book selected rail connections via the flight reservation system. The rail connections are displayed in the GDS like flights under carrier code 9B.

    3 simple steps for booking a train ticket: query the rail connection, book the segment and issue a flight ticket on ticket stock 450. The passenger can then retrieve his “Boarding Pass” as a print@home or Mobile Ticket from 72 hours before departure under the link You will also find information on this in the flight booking.